The 5 Most Annoying Things You Can Do In Pick-up Basketball

Whether playing in the backyard, at the local gym, or at the city park, most basketball fans have played pick-up hoops at some point in their lives. In almost every game, there's at least one or two players who single themselves out as being the most irritating players on the floor. Here are the top five things a… » 1/09/14 7:22am 1/09/14 7:22am

Rodman Slowly Making Inroads In North Korea

Today, Dennis Rodman is expected to host a basketball game as a birthday present to Kim Jong Un. The game will be between the North Korean national team that Rodman has been training himself, and a very odd group of former NBA stars, including former Knicks forward Charles Smith, famous for getting stuffed at the rim… » 1/08/14 7:39am 1/08/14 7:39am

With One Play, Iman Shumpert Breathes Life Into Knicks

In June of 1999, the New York Knicks were playing the San Antonio Spurs in game 5 of the NBA finals. Mid-way through the third quarter, then Knicks point guard Charlie Ward stole the ball from San Antonio's point guard Avery Johnson. Ward made a pass to Latrell Sprewell who charged down the floor for a two-handed jam… » 1/03/14 3:14pm 1/03/14 3:14pm

Wizards Quietly Becoming Relevant Again

They play in the Verizon Center, a building appropriately nicknamed "The Phone Booth." Their most prominent symbol is dc with the top of the d shooting a basketball into the air. Their alternate symbol is a basketball with the Washington Monument carved into the center. They are possibly the blandest and least… » 12/06/13 3:15pm 12/06/13 3:15pm

How Allen Iverson Changed The World

The year was 2001. I was a freshman in high school at that time, and was probably more concerned with girls than the NBA, but it was a low point in my career as a basketball fan, nevertheless. My beloved Knicks had just traded Patrick Ewing that off-season in a clear indication that they could be rebuilding for a very… » 10/31/13 11:23am 10/31/13 11:23am

With MSG Renovation Complete, All The Mystique Is Gone

In December of 2006, I was visiting friends in New York City, and found myself standing outside Madison Square Garden. It occurred to me that the Knicks would play the Charlotte Bobcats in about an hour. With ten ice cold blocks still separating me from my friends, who were camped out at a bar near Times Square, I… » 10/29/13 6:15am 10/29/13 6:15am

B-More Proves a Worthy Destination For NBA Expansion

On a humid fall evening in Baltimore, ticket scalpers gather outside Baltimore Arena. While they would normally be selling concert tickets at this venue, tonight they're pushing tickets for the Knicks vs. Wizards game, the first NBA exhibition match in the city since 1999, and hometown hero Carmelo Anthony's first pro… » 10/18/13 10:42am 10/18/13 10:42am

Marbury Donates 3,000 Pairs of New Sneakers

Stephon Marbury is no longer relevant in NBA circles, but his latest efforts in the Philippines are worthy of high accolade. Marbury wasn't dropping dimes on the court, but has donated 3,000 pairs of his new sneakers to young ballers in the Philippines as part of the PBA's (Philippines Basketball Association)… » 10/02/13 8:32am 10/02/13 8:32am

Amid Political Crisis, Egyptian Basketball Prevails

Despite growing political turmoil in their home country, the Egyptian basketball team found the resolve to climb themselves back from a three-game losing streak in pool play to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Spain. It is the first time Egypt will make an appearance at the event since 1990 The accomplishment comes… » 8/31/13 8:48am 8/31/13 8:48am

Harden's Beard Put To Shame at FIBA Africa Championships

James Harden may have the most extraordinary beard in the NBA, but the most impressive beard in basketball belongs to Fathi Oukerimi of Algeria. The look is further punctuated by the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-esque protective goggles and the receding hairline. » 8/23/13 7:03pm 8/23/13 7:03pm